The Jenoviad Entry #62

April 16th, 2010 by Wordsman

Cloud charged forward, sword on high
To world of Reno rid
Suddenly, he found himself
In golden pyramid

Reno laughed. “What will you do?
Poor Cloud’s prospects look dim”
Barret grinned. “Won’t work on me
Don’t give a damn ‘bout him”

As Barret pummeled Reno’s face
Tifa rushed to save Cloud
“Bosses with attacks like this
Just should not be allowed”

“How you like this?” Barret roared
His voice with rage did throb
Reno moaned, “I like it . . . fine
It’s all . . . part of . . . the job”

Barret’s fist came to a halt
Tifa paused her rescue
In the silence, one lone BEEP
Rang out as if on cue

At the console stood a man
He was like Reno dressed
“The plate is coming down,” he said
Not one least bit distressed

“Nice timing, Tseng,” groaned Reno
“Did you have to make me wait?”
Tseng just shrugged. “You are the one
Who asked to be the bait”

Reno limped back toward the rail
Barret was frozen stiff
“If . . . you live . . . we’ll fight again
But that’s a real big ‘if’”

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