The Jenoviad Entry #65

May 7th, 2010 by Wordsman

The world was filled with awful noise
And then in silence passed
Until the air was once more rent
By a horrific blast

This was of profanity
It came from Barret’s mouth
His mood, not good at any time
Was trending sharply south

Tifa’s face filled with concern
She moved to stop his fit
Cloud, who knew of men, told her
“Just let him cuss a bit”

They’d wound up in the playground
Fallen beams dotted the sand
Mere feet away, the ruins
Were quite readily at hand

Tifa could not look; she turned
As bright tears filled her eyes
Cloud thought about Aeris
Interrupting seemed unwise

Barret’s shouts came to a head
He opened fire: POW!
Rage expended, he whipped round
“So!  What do we do now?”

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