Movie Two-Liners Entry #68

June 2nd, 2010 by Wordsman

This week’s puzzle:

Two artists who got in trouble because of where they were travel to a place where they can get in trouble for what they are. When they end up having to flee from a mistimed birthday celebration, they escape with the aid of a man who refuses to let anything get in the way of what he wants.

Last week’s puzzle:

A man returns to a job he doesn’t especially want and pursues an achievement that he would rather no one knew about. A man who lacks control learns how to speak inanely and how not to think.

And the answer is . . . ▼

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  1. A Fan Says:

    Got it! I’ve had a 25-year argument with my wife about whether this is a classic (an argument I am gradually losing), so this was at least a little easier to recognize.

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