The Jenoviad Entry #71

June 18th, 2010 by Wordsman

He was playing with Marlene
“Daddy!  Your whiskers tickle!
Oh!  Hi Cloud!  D’you like that girl?”
Which left Cloud in a pickle

Barret saved him, intervened
“I guess we’d better stir
Aeris saved my little girl
Now let’s all go save her”

“I concur,” said Tifa
Drawing her gaze off of Cloud
“Any further Shinra crimes
Just cannot be allowed

“But what about Marlene?”
Barret: “Why can’t we leave her here?”
Tifa: “That mom’s in no shape
To watch a girl, I fear”

Still, they had no other choice
Told Marlene to watch out
“Now!  To Shinra HQ, quick!”
But no one knew the route

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