The Jenoviad Entry #72

June 25th, 2010 by Wordsman

With no ideas, they wandered ‘round
Got to Wall Market, late
Maybe there they’d find a way
To reach the upper plate

A scavenger sold batteries
Cloud bought ‘em all, one go
“Batteries?  How will those help?”
“Hey now.  You never know”

Near Corneo’s mansion
(Which Cloud passed at triple speed)
They found some kids goofing around
With a great wire lead

“Yo!  Where’s this go?” Barret asked
Of one obnoxious putz
“Up,” he said, “but climbing it?
You must be hella nuts”

“Here’s our way!” the big man cried
“Using this, we can soar”
“Man, what’s with you and wires?”
“Hey, one saved our butts before

“‘Sides, this ain’t just a wire
See?  It’s golden, full of hope”
“Yeah, whatever,” grumbled Cloud
“Just head on up, you dope”

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