The Jenoviad Entry #76

July 23rd, 2010 by Wordsman

Past hails of bullets, stray grenades
They ducked in elevator
“Which floor?” asked Cloud. “Just hit one!
We’ll worry ‘bout it later”

Doors slammed shut, the ‘vator rose
They all sighed with relief
Then suddenly it went berserk
And caused them no small grief

“What’s happ’ning? Tifa! Save us, please!”
“You’re one who eas’ly scares
We never would have been stuck here
If we’d taken the stairs”

Tifa hit a button
And the ‘vator came to rest
The door popped ope’, a man looked in
“I’ll . . . wait. That would be best”

This scene repeated many times
They scared off lawyers, traders
Floors One through Fifty knew them as
The Elevator Raiders

Finally they reached a point
From which ‘twould not ascend
Cloud was not sure his poor gut
Would ever truly mend

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