The Jenoviad Entry #78

August 6th, 2010 by Wordsman

The Mayor they met one floor up
“What? Visitors? Oh yes!
I’m just so lonely way up here
Can you my password guess?”

But AVALANCHE excused themselves
With apol’getic looks
“We really have no time, you see”
“And plus, I just hate books”

The next floor was some sort of maze
With items to be found
But since they were not puzzle geeks
They quickly went around

Sixty-four was the gym floor
With showers, lockers, saun’
Cloud wanted to ogle babes
But Barret dragged him on

Next they found a model town
With pieces to replace
Barret wondered who the hell
Had built this crazy place

Finally, on Sixty-six
An interesting sight
All the Shinra VIP’s
Were gathered there that night

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