The Jenoviad Entry #79

August 13th, 2010 by Wordsman

“We gotta hear that meeting!”
Barret said in a harsh hiss
“Meeting?” said Cloud.  “Boredom time
Let’s just give it a miss”

“But they might say where Aeris is!”
Tifa did quick implore
“Or mention any other
Evil plots they’ve got in store”

Just then, two guys pass’ed by
“Man, that big room does stink”
“I wonder, if ‘tween there and bath
There is some sort of link”

The three snuck to the toilet
Stepped in (“Gross!”), entered a duct
To a bright light their attention
Was immediately sucked

Round a table, bigwigs sat
The Prez was at the head
Still wearing his fav’rite coat
In out-of-fashion red

There was Palmer, the chief space guy
Reeve, head of the building biz
Then Heidegger, the Safety man
And Scarlet, weapons whiz

And one more man in a white coat
Who hung back from the show
Cloud did not know how he knew
The man’s name was Hojo

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