Know Your Picture Characters Entry #18

August 16th, 2010 by Wordsman

A. 歩 B. 行 C. 来 D. 出 E. 入 F. 走

Okay.  I’ll admit it.  I was kind of hoping to trick you guys with this one.  And it appears I have succeeded.  Both Dragon and Shirley, who most likely were not colluding, went for E, which does look like a man walking (I will not comment on how many arms he appears to have).  This, however, means “enter.”  I did not prepare this grand plot from the get-go, but once I had set up the list, I did notice the potential trap, and I did nothing to remove it.  There, an admission of guilt.  Hopefully that’s “un-Republican” enough for Shirley to forgive me.

A Fan had the right idea this week, which was to guess randomly, thus eluding the snare.  His answer wasn’t correct, but at least he had the right idea.  He gets an A for . . . lack of effort, I suppose.  A is, in fact, the correct answer.  B means go, C means come, D means leave, F means run, and Yellow means, depending on your mood, either slow down or give it all you’ve got.

That ended up not being very exciting to explain.  Hmm . . . what shall we have for next week?  Wait, stand back: I’m going to try . . . SCIENCE!  The next challenge will be on the periodic table of elements.  Fortunately, you don’t have to memorize all of them.  In fact, you only need to worry about one, which, compared to what the chemistry students have to deal with, is remarkably simple.  And hopefully this time people will believe me when I tell them not to worry about the last character, because it appears in every single answer.  It’s elementary, dear readers.  Now, I understand that all the elements are important (with the possible exception of boron), but I can’t see us getting very far without oxygen, so I’ll have you hunt for that.  And if all you aggrieved boron fans want to track your favorite element down, then you can go ahead and do that too.

A. 酸素 B. 水素 C. 炭素 D. 窒素 E. 弗素 F. 硼素

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  1. Dragon Says:

    I’m going to say B, because the first character looks familiar to me and since oxygen is so important, it seems like the character in it might be used in other important things. This would probably be a better strategy if I remembered what the character meant, but I’m willing to take this chance.

  2. Theoman Says:

    I know what the first character in B is, and because of that I’m going to choose B as well.

  3. Shirley Says:

    It is with regret that I retire from the field with a head that may be bloody, but unbowed. I will be leaving tomorrow for slightly less than 4 weeks and have miles to go before I sleep. Therefore, I can not give this challenge the consideration it deserves. God willin’ an the Creek don’t rise, I’ll be back in September. I do realize that WW will be busy and occupied with things of importance and may have better things to do. If he feels unable to continue, my regret for missing whatever is to come will be even greater, but I understand…… Oh heck! After all that, I still can’t resist one more for the road. A looks so busy and oxygen has so much to do. So, A. It’s been fun.

  4. A Fan Says:

    E. You need oxygen to climb all those steps in the second character, after all.

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