The Jenoviad Entry #80

August 20th, 2010 by Wordsman

They started talking numbers
Seven would not be rebuilt
Instead, a Neo-Midgar’d rise
Its streets with Mako gilt

“But how can that be possible?”
Said Reeve, caught unaware
Said Prez: “We find the Promised Land
The girl will take us there

“How’s she doing, Hojo?”
Here the man in white did stir
“She’s a fine Ancient specimen
Though her mother I’d prefer”

“And how long ‘til the Promised Land?”
The room was now all ears
“This research will take quite some time
Oh . . . o’er a hundred years”

The Prez: “You must be joking!”
He did not the message heed
Hojo muttered, “It’s no joke
That’s why I plan to breed”

Cloud was filled with outrage
To stop Hojo he’d not wait
Aeris would with no one breed
Until he got his date

Soon the meeting did adjourn
And the three back did sneak
Landed in the john again
“I’m show’ring for a week!”

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