The Jenoviad Entry #81

August 27th, 2010 by Wordsman

Wiping off their soggy feet
The group up one floor went
Here they found a storage room
In bad need of a vent

Hojo stood by a glass case
A-talking to a . . . cat, er . . .
As if they needed any proof
He was mad as a hatter

“Hey Cloud, get a load of this!”
They near with laughter died
Cloud, however, did not look
He was preoccupied

Cloud, in classic freak-out mode
Was writhing on the ground
He’d seen something in a case
That struck him most profound

“JE-NO-VA?  The hell is that?”
Barret the nameplate read
“What kind of specimen is this?
This thing ain’t got no head!”

Tifa knelt down next to Cloud
“Are you alright?” she asked
“It was nothing,” Cloud told her
His feelings were well masked

Barret grumbled, “Just get up”
Lifted Cloud bodily
“Did you forget about that girl
We came here to set free?”

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