Know Your Picture Characters Entry #20

August 30th, 2010 by Wordsman

A. 会葬 B. 改装 C. 回想 D. 開創 E. 階層 F. 海藻

Hmm . . . this past week’s challenge featured a decrease in the number of respondents and an increase in the number of correct answers.  I suppose that says something about my teaching skills . . . or at least it would, if I were trying to teach.

It does certainly help when one of the contestants decides to take a blind, sweeping stab at everything (the Wandering Wordsman staff would like to remind Theoman that we encourage being lost.  It’s often more fun that way).  In remarkable A Fan-like fashion, he chose to ignore the appearance of the characters and guess randomly.  And he scored . . . not too badly, considering.  Two for six is probably better than the KYPC average, though I can’t say I’ve been keeping close track.  For his sake, I will repeat his correct guesses, because his was a stunning double-blind guess, where even the guesser most likely did not know exactly what he was saying.  His right answers came at the beginning (attendance at a funeral) and the end (seaweed).  Dragon inserted herself in the middle, and while she did not come up with as many right answers, she had a significantly better average.  C is reminiscence, but since I feel the need to criticize somehow, I will say that the character representing the memories that are the subject of reminiscence is the second rather than the first.

As for the rest, B is remodeling, D is grand opening, and E is class or level.  I hope you all repeated kaisou over and over to yourselves as you were coming up with your guesses.  It may not have helped, but it probably did look funny if anyone was watching you.

And now it’s time to move on, and on, and on.  We’re going way out for this next challenge, all the way to outer space.  The following list contains six of the planets in our solar system.  Well, five planets and one former planet, really.  You know the one I’m talking about.  That’s right, it’s Ceres!  Just kidding.  I want you to pick out everyone’s favorite recently demoted dwarf planet.  Feel free to engage in rampant speculation about what the last character does or does not mean.

A. 海王星 B. 火星 C. 金星 D. 地球 E. 冥王星 F. 木星

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  1. Dragon Says:

    E. It reminds me of Pluto for some reason. Maybe it’s that little box in the center of the first character. That’s Pluto, and everything else is…space debris.

  2. Theoman Says:

    I’ll guess E but I won’t say why. 😉

  3. A Fan Says:

    This is fairly obvious. The little doodad at the end of everything except D means “real planet” (it represents an alien of the kind that only lives on real planets).

    Pluto used to have one also, but they took it away when Pluto was demoted, so the answer is D.

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