The Jenoviad Entry #83

September 10th, 2010 by Wordsman

A furry comet shot from cage
Clamped onto Hojo’s face
Aeris thanked Cloud and gave him
A gentler embrace

“They tried to make me mate
With some . . . . exper’ment off some . . . shelf!”
The cat paused in his flailings
“Miss, you’re no looker yourself”

Aeris stammered, “Y-you can talk?”
“It’s really not that hard
But right now you should worry more
‘Bout Hojo’s final guard”

Hojo managed to break free
His face was scratched up bad
“Ha!  This is what you all get
For driving science

Up into the empty cell
Rose a creature of dread
Barret grumbled, “Why these things
Always got no damn head?”

Fortunately, this monster
Had bark worse than its bite
Sure, the thing looked really gross
But they beat it alright

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