The Jenoviad Entry #84

September 17th, 2010 by Wordsman

After battle: “What’s your name?
Can’t call you ‘Cat,’” Cloud said
“My tattoo just says, ‘Thirteen’
But you may call me Red”

Barret said, “Let’s blow this joint!
With Shinra we are through”
Tifa said, “Let’s take the stairs”
“Nah.  Elevator’ll do”

Tifa muttered all the way
To the el’vator shaft
Their attention was to fore
But she kept glancing aft

Inside, Cloud said, “We’re home free!”
And Aeris added, “Yup!”
A voice said, “You’re not going down
Looks like the jig is . . .

The five of them were rounded up
And brought before the Prez
The Prez said all the normal things
That any villain says

Soon they found themselves in cells
A-pondering their fate
Cloud was wond’ring when it was
The last time that he ate

Barret tried to recruit Red
Red did not make a peep
Aeris heard the Planet speak
Cloud just went straight to sleep

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