The Jenoviad Entry #86

October 1st, 2010 by Wordsman

Just then, a chopper did touch down
And startled ev’ryone
“Must be Rufus,” Barret said
“Who’s he?”  “The Pres’dent’s son”

The quintet stepped outside
Into the city’s foul haze
A man with bright blond hair stood there
“What’s this?  Five runaways?

“Spare me the introductions
I don’t want to know your name
I don’t care about your quest
Or how this far you came

“You see, I’ve got a brand-new job
And a lot on my plate
So, unless you’re Sephiroth
I’m ‘fraid you’ll have to wait”

Barret roared, “We’re AVALANCHE!
Won’t wait ‘round to be paged!”
The mention of a “plate” made him
Particul’rly enraged

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