The Jenoviad Entry #87

October 8th, 2010 by Wordsman

“AVALANCHE?” the young Prez asked
“You’ve tangled with the Turks
And here I was just thinking
You were all disgruntled clerks

“Sorry for the rudeness
You all know I’m new at this
I see now you’re not a group
That I can just dismiss”

Cloud, who was still half-asleep
Thought he had heard enough
Plus he saw the perfect chance
To show that he was tough

“Aeris!  Tifa!  Other two!
You all get out of here!
I’ll fight this guy alone
For reasons not completely clear!”

A hand dragged Tifa back inside
“We’re going now?  That’s it?”
“My quarrel was with his dad
I’ll let him live . . . a bit”

Rufus said, “Fight me alone?
In that there is no shame
I think it’s cute that you assume
That I would do the same”

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