The Jenoviad Entry #90

October 29th, 2010 by Wordsman

The follow-up was fast dispatched
Suff’ring from a Mindblow
Barret said, “Now we’re home free
Hey . . . where did Tifa go?”

“She stayed back to wait for Cloud”
Aeris promptly explained
Barret said, “The hell she did!”
And curses poured and rained

Tifa was one floor below
Where Rufus and Cloud were
She thought she’d have to fend off guards
But no one bothered her

Soon her friend limped down the steps
With bullet wounds and fleas
Cloud complained, “You could’ve helped!”
“Oh, sorry.  Allergies”

Said Cloud, “We’ll take the stairs, I guess
Back to where we began”
Said Tifa, “Nah.  Don’t wanna walk
I’ve got a better plan”

The much-beleaguered other group
Fin’lly reached the first floor
And found a whole damn army
Right outside the glass front door

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