How the Wordsman Stole KYPC

December 27th, 2010 by Wordsman

All the folks down in Netville liked KYPC (pronounced “kih-pick” or “kye-pick,” as you like) a lot

But the Wordsman, on his Wordsman website, did NOT!

Driven off of his nut by all those KYPC needers

He stood there on Monday Eve hating the readers

Staring down from his site with a sour Wordsman frown

At the warm lighted comments below in their town

Then he growled, his ‘man fingers nervously drumming

“I MUST find some way to keep KYPC from coming!”

Then he got an idea!  An awful idea!

The ‘man got a wonderful, awful idea!

He decided to be lazy and not do anything the day after Christmas because he was tired.


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