Know Your Picture Characters Entry #44

February 21st, 2011 by Wordsman

A. アイロン B. 靴 C. 乗馬者 D. シルクハット E. 指貫 F. 榴弾砲

In Monopoly, cheating is a way of life (and often the only way to make the game end).  Anyone who says, “I’ll be the banker” is as trustworthy as someone who proclaims, “I am not a crook!”  This being the case, I half-expected contestants this week to be looking up answers left and right, but it appears for the most part that people remained honest, or at least were skilled enough to be subtle about it as they slipped handfuls of $500 bills into their money piles.  Let’s see if that honesty paid off for you.

Theoman is correct in saying that both “horse” and “shoe” are one character (and “horseshoe” is two, but that’s a subject for a later puzzle).  So his kanji knowledge holds up.  Unfortunately, his Monopoly knowledge let him down.  The playing piece is not a horse but a man on horseback, which can be found at C.  Still, he was close; B is the shoe.  So we’ll say he had the right pair but put them on the wrong feet.

Shirley, however, spotted the shoe fairly easily, and she nearly pulled off the hat trick.  She correctly identified A and D as our two most stylish transportation options, but she picked D, the shirukuhatto (from “silk hat”), as the iron when it is in fact the top hat.  A is the iron.  These, by the way, are once again katakana rather than hiragana.  In the context of this game, if it’s used in conjunction with kanji, it’s probably hiragana, but if it stands on its own it’s probably katakana (that’s four correct uses of “its/it’s” in one sentence!  A new internet record!)

A Fan thought that A might be the boot because boots are old, and I suppose that’s true–the boot in Monopoly isn’t exactly shiny and new.  And iron is pretty old as well (call it 3,000 years or so).  The iron, however, is pretty new, and that’s the only thing that airon here can refer to.  Misfits this week include the poor, neglected thimble (E) and the Howitzer (F), which was perhaps too intimidating for its own good.

People may be wondering why I left the battleship, another classic Monopoly piece, out of last week’s challenge.  As a matter of fact, it was because I was saving it for this week.  It’s time for open warfare on the high seas, which, as my childhood taught me, consists primarily of random guessing.  So really, it’s the perfect topic for KYPC, which returns this week to its original all-kanji all-the-time format.  Can you sink my battleship?

A. 駆逐艦 B. 航空母艦 C. 巡洋艦 D. 戦艦 E. 潜水艦

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    Huh, I thought the Monopoly piece was an ocean liner.
    Anyway, thanks to a certain song I was introduced to, I know the Japanese word for “Battleship” (I think) and it sounds like a two-character word, so I’m going with D. (“Battleship” is a more elemental concept than some of the other ships, anyway.)

  2. Dragon Says:

    Hold on, I don’t remember what the other Battleship pieces are.

    Okay. Wow, the kids on the Battleship box are frighteningly happy. Especially the one on the right. Also, their Battleship boards are hovering in a featureless void.

    Anyway, clearly the lengths of the kanji will match up perfectly with the lengths of the playing pieces. Therefore, the destroyer is D, the carrier is B, and…huh. All the other kanji are the same length, but two of the remaining ships are shorter than the other. Uh, let’s go with this. A is the submarine because it sort of makes a rectangle and the submarine needs to be enclosed. E is the cruiser because I feel like it, and C is the battleship because the first character kinda looks like a ship, and the word battleship actually has “ship” in it. Battleship: sunk.

  3. A Fan Says:

    B, as in “battleship”

  4. Shirley Says:

    Aircraft carriers must be the biggest things in a navy, and B. is the biggest kanji in length, so it ought to be the aircraft carrier. The planes are stored in the midsection of this particular carrier, with the thing at the top of the second character looking like a jet plane coming straight at you. Come to think of it, so would the thing at the bottom of the character if navies still had bi-planes . A. is the longest and has the most heft of A., C. and E., all of which are equally long. Battleships surely have the most heft. So A. is the battleship which will be sunk by the jet from the carrier, B. Don’t think the bi-plane could do the job.

  5. TheomanZero Says:

    Well, other people seem to be guessing things other than “Battleship”, so I guess I will too.
    B is the Carrier, because it’s the longest. Not because the ship is the longest, but because I feel that “Aircraft Carrier” is an idea that would need more characters to express.
    E is “Submarine”, but I won’t say why ;).

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