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April 1st, 2011 by Wordsman

All he wanted was a simple life.

“I could sit here forever, just watching the foam on the river.”

“Don’t you think the rooftops look like a string of jewels spread across the city?”

But they had other plans . . .

“Honey, wake up.  Do you hear that?”

“Sounds like . . . wind?”

They took everything from him.

“So many homes . . . so many people . . . all gone.”

“God only knows how many horses and cattle we lost.”

“They say it wiped out a third of the city!”

“How can a man be expected to stay sane in the midst of all this?”

Driven into exile . . .

“They threw me in a hut, ten-foot square . . .”

. . . one thought, one hope, one truth kept him going:

The knowledge that nothing lasts forever.

“I don’t know where people come from when they’re born,

And I don’t know where they go when they die.

But I do know this: you’re just like the morning dew:

You’re not gonna make it ‘til nightfall.”

This summer, Jason Statham is Kamo no Chōmei in . . .


Because the only constant in this world . . . is Revenge!

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  1. Shirley Says:

    This is interesting, thought provoking, sort of beautiful, even. But…what is it?

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