Know Your Picture Characters Entry #50

April 18th, 2011 by Wordsman

A. 砲口 B. 芳香 C. 縫工 D. 放校 E. 咆哮 F. 彷徨

First off, let it be known that Dragon has been awarded thirteen and three-quarters integrity points.

Now for things that actually matter: this week was another one of those rare occasions where Theoman was able to make quite successful use of his Japanese knowledge.  I doubt that he was already familiar with either of the words he guessed correctly, but I assume he was able to spot a character meaning “school” in D and one meaning “mouth” in A, which led him to properly identify them as expulsion and gun muzzle, respectively.  We salute him for taking a valiant stab in the direction of wandering, but unfortunately it was this last guess which kept him from batting 1.000.  That crazy business at the beginning of C refers to sewing, so this is our tailor or seamstress.

Luckily, not everyone was so stumped by the titular compound.  Dragon immediately spotted F as the noble wanderer, and then she made up some silly business about rain in order to justify it.

What does that character at the top of the page mean?  Hmm . . .

For a moment I thought that Shirley had managed to snag the fragrance out of the line-up, but then I realized that she had written her answers in the order “B, A” rather than “A, B.”  If she had stuck to alphabetical order she would have been right: B is the fragrance.  But she was able to make up for it by following Dragon in identifying our itinerant friend at F, which means that this is one of the very rare occasions when every single participant got at least one answer right.  You folks sure know your homophones.  You know them so well that no one even had to bother howling.  Just in case you had, you would have found it at E.

Some of you may remember that long, long ago we had a puzzle on parts of the body.  Others of you may still be trying to forget.  In any case, as that challenge only covered the head and face, I’ve decided that you need to expand your anatomical knowledge somewhat.  So here is the Body Parts Challenge 2: Limbs Edition.  The rest of you can try to find the simple stuff like arms and legs, hands and fingers, while Theoman’s task will be to sort out the various joints (shoulder, elbow, knee).

A. 足 B. 腕 C. 肩 D. 手 E. 膝 F. 肘 G. 指

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    Let’s see, B, E, and F all have the same left side, so I’ll say that means “joint” somehow. E looks like the most complex character, so I’ll say it’s the most complex joint — the shoulder (which allows rotation and such). Simpler than the shoulder is the knee at B (which beats out the elbow solely because of the kneecap), and simpler still is the elbow at F.

  2. Dragon Says:

    Actually, it’s Shirley here. “Here” is Dragon’s home where I, Shirley, am borrowing her comment place. Just in case W.W. can’t figure this out, though I’m reasonably sure he can.

    A. looks like a head, neatly positioned on a neck. So, A., head.

    F. looks as unreliable as my ancient knees, so I’m calling F. the knee. It looks like it could “go out” at any moment.

    D., hair. Mine looks like that sometimes.

    C., hips. They are sitting securely on two legs.

  3. A Fan Says:

    A. Knee (with a bump on it)

    B. Ladder, but he’s getting ready to climb it using his ARMS, so arm

    C. Television set, which you turn on using your FINGER

    D. Television antenna, which you crane your NECK to look at

    E. Spiders, which you stomp on with your FEET

    F. Guillotine, which just cut off that guy’s TOE

    G. They just ate macaroni, so ELBOW

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