Know Your Picture Characters Entry #51

April 25th, 2011 by Wordsman

A. 足 B. 腕 C. 肩 D. 手 E. 膝 F. 肘 G. 指

I have suspected for years that Shirley and Dragon were in some kind of fiendish cahoots with each other.  Now, at last, I have incontrovertible proof.

But first comes Theoman, who once again brought his mighty logic to bear.  He had a good idea, but he got a little too specific.  That part which appears on the left side of B, E, and F (and also, in somewhat more squished form, in C) typically refers to parts of the body in general, and if you look closely, it is the same as the character meaning moon.  Now, before you get a bunch of crazy ideas about the ancient Chinese having come from the moon–which can’t be ruled out–I should probably point out that this is a fairly well-known simplification of another symbol meaning “meat” or “flesh.”  It might seem then that this marker would be useless for identifying specific types of parts of the body, but, in fact, Theoman did not do too badly.  E and F are joints, and F is even the joint that he thought it was: the elbow.

Unfortunately, this means that ShirDrag’s identification of F as the knee is incorrect; she might want to check her elbows to make sure that they don’t give out at any moment either.  The tricky knee is located next door at E.  As for her other guesses, A, which is one of about a dozen characters that kind of looks like a person but doesn’t mean “person,” is the leg (or the foot.  They don’t really differentiate them all the time).  D is the hand she runs through her hair in an attempt to keep it under control, and C is not the hips but the equivalent structures located at the opposite end of the torso, in other words, the shoulders.

We can tell that A Fan is quite bitter that he still needs to use his finger to turn on his TV and is eagerly awaiting a time when it can be remotely activated with one’s mind.  In this case his bitterness may be due more specifically to the fact that he broke his TV because he tried to turn it on with his shoulder instead.  On ladders, however, he is rock solid: he knows that it’s best to use B, his arms.  The elusive finger, by the way, is hiding at G.

This business of people masquerading as someone else really has me concerned.  How am I supposed to know who’s who?  Ah yes.  While the appearance and the name can be easily disguised, it is much more difficult to conceal one’s true personality.  With this in mind, I have prepared a short personality test so I can identify you all conclusively.  Are you impertinent?  An optimist?  Short-tempered?  Sociable?  Whimsical?  A worrywart?  Let’s find out.

A. 移り気 B. 社交的 C. 心配性 D. 短気 E. 生意気 F. 楽天的

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    I am of course whimsical, which you can find at C. Sadly, I’m also something of a worrywart, which I think is A, but I’m not sure, and now I’ll be fretting about that all day.

  2. A Fan Says:

    D. is clearly sociable. Just look at the two of them

    F. had better be a worrywart, because that table is about to fall over.

    E. is whimsical, because he built the table too high to be seen over.

    C. is impertinent, because he is ROTFL while his friend stares at the table.

    A. is short-tempered, because he has smashed up the table.

    B. is an optimist, because he thinks that table isn’t about to fall over.

  3. Shirley Says:

    B. certainly looks agitated and could be worrywart, but it also looks sort of whimsical, which is what I’m calling it because—-

    C. looks even more worried and so it is my call for worrywart. I know about these things because I am from a Swedish background and we are well acquainted with worry. Scandinavian angst, we call it. Besides, B.and F. are similar and whimsical people are charming and therefore—-

    F. could be sociable people. Whimsical people usually attract sociable people and there is that whimsical thing in the end of both. The little person in the middle of B. is similar to, but more whimsical than, the more staid but at least as sociable fellow in F.

    A. looks short tempered and is probably angry at—-

    D. who seems quite impertinent to me and A. is certainly not at all like—-

    E. the calm, even tempered and decidedly hopeful optimist.

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