Know Your Picture Characters Entry #65

August 8th, 2011 by Wordsman

A. 王族 B. 白足袋 C. 醸造者 D. 虎 E. 双子 F. 幼獣

Heeeey, batterbatterbatter su-wing batterbatter!

It looks like Theoman has decided to take a break from being right all the time–his identification of A as the Pittsburgh Pirates is incorrect, and I think I know how he came about it.  That second character in A is read zoku, as is the second character in the word for pirate, kaizoku.  That “zoku,” however, means “burglar” or “robber,” whereas the one in A means “family” or “tribe.”  And since the character before it means “king,” these are, in fact, the Kansas City Royals.  I suppose Theoman gets half-credit for identifying them as an equally woebegone team.  Actually, now that I think about it, there are a large number of woebegone teams on this list, either perennially or currently.  Such is the fate of the Central.

His second guess (B=White Sox) is rather boringly correct.  His pick of Cubs for E, however, was a bit off the mark.  Unfortunately for him, the critical character in this compound is not the second but the first, which means “two” or “double.”  Thus at E we recognize the Minnesota Twins, who have won more World Series titles in the past 25 years than the rest of the teams on this list put together.

A Fan struck out in his first at-bat, guessing Astros, Brewers, Cardinals, though we’ll call one of those a foul ball rather than a straight strike; he was close on the Milwaukee Brewers, who find themselves at C.  His second at-bat was similar, though unlike the Reds and Pirates, the Cubs are at least found somewhere on this list.

That brought up Shirley, who was one off on the White Sox and one off on the Brewers, though Milwaukee isn’t that far from Minneapolis, so she was close in more ways than one.  I’ll take her calling the Twins the Cardinals as a compliment.  Her comments on her guess of the Indians could probably equally apply to the Indians’ season itself this year, but F is, in fact, those poor, poor Cubs, who have not been correctly guessed on KYPC in 103 years (true story).

And, to A Fan’s undoubted consternation, we are forced to reveal that D is the DEtroit Tigers.

But now it’s time to go west, young man (or whatever particular combination of age and gender you may happen to be).  The Baseball Team Identification Challenge continues with the West Division, and you’re in luck: there aren’t as many teams out there.  Pick from the Angels, Athletics, Mariners, Rangers (from the AL) or the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Rockies (from the NL).

A. 運動選手 B. 警備官 C. 神父 D. 天使 E. 船乗り F. ペテン師

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    As soon as I saw F, I thought that I would have to refrain from guessing that one because I can read katakana, but then I realized that it says “peten”, which isn’t actually one of the team names (or part of one of the team names, since there’s a kanji after it on the next line). “Peten” could be “pattern”, so I’m saying it’s Diamondbacks, since those are snakes named after the pattern on their backs.

  2. Shirley Says:

    Since I don’t much follow the Western Division, hence don’t know as much about them (and somewhat less than that about the Eastern) I assume my chances are probably better now. Chance tends to be perverse that way. I quite like F. It is visually interesting so it seems reasonable to start there with:
    F., the only western team I ever rooted for, the Diamondbacks.

    A. Somebody at the end of the word is saying what a lot of people in Brooklyn said when the the Dodgers moved to California. A is the Dodgers.

    B. For no particular reason, the Giants.

    C. Couldn’t that last character be a padre, arms upraised in prayer? Yes, it could. Also, the word looks odd somehow and I always thought Padre was somehow an odd name for a baseball team.

    D. Come to think of it, all of the above might be said of the Angels. I don’t feel like bothering to decide which fits better, so I wont worry about it and after all, the first character in D could be an angel taking flight.

    E. I don’t want to leave out the beautiful Northeast, with all those California teams (they have more than their share) so I’ll have to give this last one to the Mariners.
    That’s reason enough.

  3. A Fan Says:

    F. definitely shows someone dodging, and clearly that last character is a trolley, so F is the Brooklyn Trolley-Dodgers (now, saldy, the LA Dodgers)

    A. looks long and complicated, as befits “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,” or, entirely in English, “The The Angels Angels of Anaheim.”

    D. Giants. Very simple, but Bonds was still a juicer.

    B. Mariners–one of those things might be a boat.

    C. Diamondbacks–the first one is diamond, and the second one is a back.

    E. Rockies. There’s a mountain in there somewhere.

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