Know Your Picture Characters Entry #73

October 3rd, 2011 by Wordsman

A. 亚特兰大 B. 卡羅來納 C. 休斯敦 D. 印第安纳波利斯

E. 傑克遜維爾 F. 新奥爾良 G. 坦帕湾 H. 田纳西

Hmm.  Not a lot of action this week.  I guess you folks aren’t all that well acquainted with fair Dixie, or its major cities, like Indianapolis (too bad A Fan wasn’t around to pounce on that one).  But you’ve got to work with the tools you’re given.

First off, I will point out that the answers appeared in the exact same order in which I listed them in English.  I . . . probably didn’t do that on purpose.

Phonetic complexity is a fickle mistress, but Theoman believes that once he’s staked a claim to a plot of land, there’s no sense trying to move off it, even when the dust storms hit (perhaps he also believes that one should not mix metaphors).  This time, however, he may have scraped together just enough to make it through winter.  He immediately recognized D as Indianapolis, the Crossroads of America, because it has so much random junk in it: a seal (like, the kind you put on letters, not the kind that plays with a beach ball at the zoo), tranquility, waves . . . waves?  We’re 600 miles from the ocean!  He also promptly spotted Tennessee, recognizing its fertile rice fields (1st character) and the fact that it is the farthest west (3rd character) of any of these, at least if you go to its furthest western point.  He tried for the hat trick, but C, unfortunately, is Houston.  He should have quit and taken a break (1st character) while he was ahead.

Dragon’s heart, on the other hand, will reside forever in the Big Easy.  She correctly identified F, and for some reason she decided to credit the third character, instead of the first one, which means “new.”  But accuracy isn’t important.  Clearly her memories are of staring out the window (see?  It’s a window!  But not really) of her French Quarter apartment, looking down at all the people below in a high state of “celebration” (the little exes).  For some reason, she will ever long for the French Quarter–for quarters in general, really.  She misses them so.

Okay, so I guess I need to pump a little excitement into this crowd.  Let’s take on the wild frontier!  Go west, young (or old) man (or woman)!  To Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Saint Louis, Seattle, or wherever the wind may carry you!

A. 亞利桑那 B. 奥克兰 C. 堪薩斯城 D. 聖地牙哥 E. 旧金山

F. 西雅圖 G. 圣路易斯 H. 丹佛

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4 Responses

  1. TheomanZero Says:

    H. Denver
    F. Seattle
    E. Oakland
    B. Saint Louis
    These guesses brought to you by the “stream of consciousness” strategy.

  2. A Fan Says:

    I was out of town last week, so that’s my excuse.

    I have been to every city on the list (counting “Arizona” as the City of Phoenix), and in fact have performed billable work in each of them.

    Therefore, I can tell you that:

    A. is St. Louis, because the first character looks a little bit like the Arch.

    B. is Denver, because the last character is the lofty Rocky Mountains off in the distance (make sure your office window faces west if you work in Denver.

    C. is San Diego, because what a zoo!

    D. is Oakland, because as someone once said, there is no there there.

    E. is San Francisco, note the hills in the third character.

    F. is Arizona. One of them looks like the roof on their goofy stadium.

    G. is Seattle. One of them is an inside version of the Starbucks logo.

    H. is Kansas City, because it’s the only one left.

  3. Shirley Says:

    I’m sorry, but I am not going to send in an entry again this week. Instead, I will reveal some interesting facts.

    1. Knee replacements really hurt.

    2. Shirley’s mind doesn’t cope very well with pain.

    3. Shirley is going to creep off and feel sorry for her self.

  4. Dragon Says:

    Is it too late for this? Whatever. I’m going to assume you double-tricked us and listed the answers in the right order again, so A is Arizona, B is Denver, C is Kansas City, D is Oakland, E is San Diego, F is San Fransisco, G is Saint Louis, and H is Seattle. I see no potential problems whatsoever with this strategy.

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