Know Your Picture Characters Entry #83

December 12th, 2011 by Wordsman

A. 呆 B. 朽 C. 果 D. 床

E. 杯 F. 枕 G. 宋 H. 困

The holiday season is truly here.  You know how I know?  Because Theoman sees an empty box and immediately thinks trouble.  And what self-respecting kid on Christmas morning wouldn’t?  But really, he should think back.  When he first opened that box at the top of A, before he channeled his inner consumer and asked the question every child asks this time of year (“Where’s mine?”), his first reaction would have been one of utterly unmitigated amazement.

Shirley saw amazement in the next character over, but what’s really going on is that this unfriendly character is making a rude gesture, not a rude glance.  Why?  Well, rudeness breeds its like–someone just let off a really nasty smell over there.  Seriously, it’s like decaying flesh or something.  (Theoman knew exactly what was going on here at B.  I don’t mean to name names, but if I had a finger to point at the source of the problem, well . . .)

A Fan, on the other hand, saw decay in C: the ugly Mr. Potter.  But where’s his chair?  He couldn’t take over the town–except in an alternate reality–he couldn’t shut down the Building and Loan, he couldn’t beat the Bailey boys, and now he’s lying helpless on the ground!  Looks like his failure is complete.  (Theoman was in the know here again.  I guess we can thank him for giving the heartless old dinosaur a friendly shove.)

Celebrating his victory over the Scrooges of the world, Theoman decided to head to D to celebrate with a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate, cider, or other appropriately seasonal beverage (can one have steaming hot egg nog?)  Unfortunately, he picked a bad seat–see how it’s missing a side over there?  Now he’s flat on the floor with his old nemesis!  (Before attempting to sit, he really should have talked to Shirley, who knows a floor when she sees one.)

Shirley, ever the Good Samaritan, rushed in to help, of course, but found that she had rushed a little too quickly.  Tired, she lay down at E.  What she thought was a pillow, however, was actually Theoman’s dropped cup.  Hopefully it was no longer steaming hot.

Now at F, A Fan recalled the poor, disturbed Mr. Gower.  Mr. Gower didn’t mean to mix up the pills.  He didn’t know they were poison.  He shouldn’t even be at work at all; he just needs a place to cry.  I recommend a nice pillow.

At G, Theoman’s amazed, A Fan’s feeling just a bit scandalized, and Shirley wants to raise a toast.  To what?  To the Song Dynasty, of course.  Why?  Well . . . because they were so amazingly sexy, apparently.

And now we come to the end, and brother, it shows.  Shirley wants things to be over.  A Fan wants a drink.  Theoman can hardly keep his eyes open.  Sure, it would be nice to close out with children’s heads and the visions of sugarplums therein, but what we’ve got here is trouble.  With a capital T, and that rhymes with P, and that stands for picture characters.  Time to go find some more.

You like bugs, huh?  Okay.  Meet the bug radical.  This little critter is responsible for all kinds of disasters, like . . . rainbows.  And, uh, Germany.  Also strength, snakes, scratches, barbarians, wax, and hedgehogs.  Better get your fly swatters.  Or your story-writing pencils.  Either works for me.

A. 蛮 B. 独 C. 蝟 D. 虹

E. 掻 F. 蛇 G. 強 H. 蝋

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    A: Hedgehog – it’s all compacted with points sticking out.
    B: Rainbow – it’s got curved streaks.
    C: Strength – looks pretty stout.
    D: Snake – it’s a pretty sparse character, and snakes don’t have any limbs.
    E: Barbarian – it’s wielding a pretty hefty polearm there.
    F: Germany – is that a Nazi salute? What poor taste.
    G: Scratch – there’s a jagged mark on the left side.
    H: Wax – the right side is sparkling.

  2. Shirley Says:

    Lately we have been dipping into Chinese characters. Are we in Japanese, now, or does it matter? Inquiring minds want to know.

    A. BARBARIANS. Would it be politically incorrect to imply that barbarians wear coarse scratchy garments? A, looks sort of itchy. More on this coming later.

    B. SNAKE The first character looks like it’s starting to slither along as snakes are wont to do. The second character looks like it is preparing to rattle. WATCH OUT!

    C. STRENGTH. Germany,s strength is reflected in the powerful C. Notice, they both begin with the same character.

    D. RAINBOWS. Two syllables, two characters. Prettiest concept, prettiest figure.

    E. Doesn’t look like much of anything. Certainly not wax, the only thing left. So why not just SWAT A FEW FLIES? What have they done for me lately?

    F. HEDGEHOGS. It doesn’t look like much of anything, either, but more like a hedgehog than a pencil.

    G. SCRATCHES. Remember A? I told you there would be more on the subject later. Definitely itchy

    H. GERMANY. Most powerful and prosperous country in Europe. Don’t know about prosperous, but H sure looks strong.

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