Know Your Picture Characters Entry #90

February 6th, 2012 by Wordsman

A. 傷ついた心 B. こむら返り C. 尺骨神経 D. 書痙 E. 脳の凍結

F. 喉仏

Learning lessons from one’s mistakes is very important.  Unfortunately, we are only able to do this if we assume consistency.  This policy is generally a bad one when dealing with kanji.  All this is just a lead-up to my pointing out that Theoman will probably be distressed to learn that I did in fact include “Brain Freeze,” (E) which is the newest edition to the game of Operation.  Never having played (or at least, never having competently played) Operation as a child, I felt less loyalty to the assortment of pieces present there in my youth.  The logic behind his decision to avoid bones seemed sound enough, but the Funny Bone isn’t really a bone, now is it?  It’s the ulnar nerve (C).  So, better luck next time, Theoman.  Still, it’s not a total loss.  Half your guesses are on here somewhere, and you spotted the Broken Heart (A) quickly enough.  But really, what KYPC player wouldn’t?

Shirley would probably appreciate it if we made things easier on her by not introducing contexts in which she would be inclined to mention her knee surgery.  We’ll work on that for next week, but for now let’s take a look at her responses.  It seems that Shirley may be a fine doctor after all, for she looks beyond the condition to the root cause itself.  Can excessive co-pay fees lead to a Broken Heart?  It seems possible.  Can really bad health care legislation be responsible for a Charley Horse (B)?  Uhh . . . maybe if it makes you hopping mad, haha . . . Perhaps a well-tickled Funny Bone, causing an exorbitant amount of shaking of sides, might be a reason for kne-uh-hip surgery.  And perhaps the writing of a great number of letters in an attempt to find relief for those kne-uh-hip surgery patients is the source of your Writer’s Cramp (D).  Can’t remember the Hippocratic Oath?  Must be Brain Freeze.  Lacking patience (or patients)?  Clearly, it’s something to do with . . . your . . . Adam’s Apple (F).  Or, as it is known in Japanese, the “throat Buddha.”  Because, as we all know, Buddha was an impulsive, reckless sort of guy.  Right?

You know what’s not going to win Best Picture?  That movie I watched in high school once where Keanu Reeves played Buddha.  And you thought I wouldn’t be able to make that transition.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl.  Did you watch it?  Well, I did, and I was disappointed.  Super Bowl.  Hah!  Nothing “super” about it.  So I set out to find things more deserving of the title “Super.”  Did I succeed?  You be the judge.  Sort through this pile of balls, conductors, heroes, sonics, and Tuesdays and tell me what should really be super.  I’ll even throw that bowl in there, just for good measure.

A. 英雄 B. 音速 C. 火曜日 D. 玉 E. 導体 F. 配管工兄弟 G. 椀

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    Wait . . . there are six options and seven choices. What am I supposed to do with that last one?
    Oh well . . .
    A. Conductor
    B. Ball
    C. Tuesday
    D. . . . Size?
    E. Bowl
    F. Hero
    G. Sonic

  2. A(nother) fan Says:

    G. is ball, because on my computer screen it looks exactly like a ball, only square instead of round.

    F. is the Super Bowl, because it has five squares, the most, and the Super Bowl is the biggest thing ever (atleast as measured in number of TV viewers). Also, the Clint Eastwood commerical was terrific. “It’s halftime in America.”

    A. Sonic, because the Japanese word for Sonic starts with A. (Probbaly not, but wouldn’t it be great if I got that right by accident.)

    B. Conductor, because if you didn’t have the squares but had the real kanji it would probably look like Toscanini conducting.

    C. Tuesday (copying from Theoman because I’m in a hurry here.)

    D. Nothing–as Theoman points out, too many letters, not enough answers.

    E. Heroes–by process of elimination.

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