Know Your Picture Characters Entry #92

February 27th, 2012 by Wordsman

A. 居間 B. 温室 C. 玄関 D. 食堂 E. 書斎 F. 台所 G. 玉突き室

H. 図書室 I. 舞踏室

My problem with Clue was that I always insisted on searching only the most “exotic” rooms–the Conservatory, the Billiard Room, the Ballroom.  I refused to believe that Mr. Boddy could have been killed in a kind of room that my own boring house also had, like the Kitchen or the Dining Room.  Or the Hall.  What a useless place.  It’s not even a room, really.  I never once searched the Hall when I played Clue as a child.  This may have cost me the game on more than one occasion.

Theoman, on the other hand, is much more open-minded, and therefore probably a better detective.  In fact, he is a much better detective.  Not only did he identify the location of the murder (hey, since he was the only one to participate, why not?), but he also correctly identified more than half of the rooms, which is pretty much unprecedented in a KYPC challenge that has this many choices.  I’m not sure I’d make him my butler, as he tends to confuse the Conservatory with the Ballroom and the Hall with the Lounge, but he’s definitely qualified enough to be Stephen Fry’s deputy in that one movie my parents like so much.

The correct answers were, in order: Lounge, Conservatory, Hall, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen, Billiard Room, Library, Ballroom.

Now we’ll take a brief break from games to do movies.  The Oscars were last night.  Do you know which film won Best Picture?  Do you know it well enough to find it written in kanzi?  If not, can you console yourself by trying to identify some of the losers?  Don’t worry: this doesn’t mean you are a loser.  Probably.

In any case, people with good memories should challenge themselves by looking for more than just the winner, since that appeared as an answer here about a month ago.  Also, those who do not enjoy futility should not waste their time looking for Hugo–alas!  Poor Hugo–cuz it just ain’t there.  As usual, a couple of these are the actual Japanese titles of the movies, but most are just things I made up to reflect the meanings of the original English titles.

A. 命の木 B. 家政婦 C. 金玉 D. 芸術家 E. 子孫 F. 戦火の馬

G. パリの真夜中 H. 物凄く煩くて、有り得ないほど近い

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  1. TheomanZero Says:

    Now here’s a challenge I think even I can handle:
    A. Tree of Life
    B. The Artist
    C. Moneyball
    D. The Help
    E. The Descendants
    F. War Horse
    G. Midnight in Paris
    H. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

  2. A(nother) Fan Says:

    Well, since “Hugo” obviously should have won (probably did win, but they used those rigged voting machines left over from Ohio and the 2004 election), let’s assume the rest are listed in order of runner-up-dom (if that’s a word).

    A. War Horse. See it. Don’t talk to me until you’ve seen it.

    B. The Artist. I never hated The Artist; I just didn’t think it was quite as good as Hugo and WH. Plus that woman should have won for Best Supporting Actress.

    C. Moneyball. A great baseball movie, in part because not only do they NOT win the big game, but the movie is about why that doesn’t matter. (Sort of. It’s still nice to win the biug game.)

    D. Midnight In Paris. Attention Woody Lovers: There will NEVER be another Annie Hall, or Love and Death, or Purple Rose of Cairo, or Hannah and Her Sisters. Your peak is your peak, and Woody’s peak is behind him. But this was still pretty darn good. Plus, PARIS!

    E. The Descendants. Disappointing to me, but it had some good things.

    F. I didn’t see it, but my wife didn’t like it, which means I’m comfortable that I would not have liked it either.

    G. Despite my comments about War Horse under A., sometimes you DON’T have to see a movie to know is pretentious garbage. I am 100% certain I would feel that way about T of L.

    H. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Please.

  3. Shirley Says:

    A. The Help. Actually, I have no idea why. I’ve only seen 2 of the nominees and one of them, the one that should have won but didn’t. (I realize I have no business saying that, not having seen most of them, but I just KNOW none of them were as good as Hugo.)

    B. War Horse. You can see some kind of unpleasantness going on and a wild eyed horse tearing into the thick of it at the beginning of the kanji.

    C. I don’t see a ball. I don’t see a baseball diamond. I don’t see any dollar signs. So it stands to reason that this must be moneyball.

    D. Descendants. There was a horse or two in The Descendents or else the one looking for trouble in B overshot his movie and ended in the wrong one. (That’s what comes of not looking where you are going.) I saw one in the ads for The Descendants.

    E. Tree of Life. I don’t see any life, but there seem to be some trees.

    F. The Artist. There are two dancers and some musical looking instruments.

    G. Midnight in Paris. Hemingway’s deceptively simple prose starts it off, then F. Scott and Zelda show up and the whole thing ends up with a canvas on an easle for Picasso. There is also a figure that could be Gertrude Stein except that the same figure shows up in Moneyball and the Artist. I can’t find any connection for Moneyball there, so I’ll ignore that.

    H. A no brainer. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because H is extremely loud—er, I mean long.

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