This Day in History Entry #172

May 23rd, 2012 by Wordsman

England, Sweden, and Spain–that’s not all
Protestants with the Catholics did brawl
Thirty years, terror reigned
Th’HRE’s power waned
‘Cause three dudes from a window did fall

Event: The Second Defenestration of Prague, one of the events that led to the Thirty Years’ War
Year: 1618
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  1. A(nother) Fan Says:

    How can Prague have had a SECOND Defenestration? Are they just constantly throwing each other out of windows there?

    And it shouldn’t have started a 30 Years War. I don’t think the fall even killed them.

    But kudos for Line 4 especially: “Th’HRE’s” is great.

  2. A(nother) Fan Says:

    According to Wikipedia, not only is there a Third Defenestration of Prague; there’s also a One and a Half Defenstration.

    Remind me never to go near any windows in Prague.

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