June 25th, 2012 by Wordsman

The Wordsman is back from vacation.  Here’s a little reminder of our most recent KYPC challenge, for those who have not yet had a chance to respond to it:

Okay, I admit it: that was kind of hard.  Lucky for you, the lovely assistant has swooped in to save the day with an easy challenge: animals.

What?  You say we’ve already done animals?  Well, you ain’t done these animals.  These ain’t yer common households dogs and cats, kids.  Things are about to get dangerous.  Look!  There’s a shark!  And a gorilla and a panda (they look cute, but brother, you don’t want to mess with them.  And yes, I am talking about gorillas here).  And what about birds?  You ever see that movie, The Birds? I haven’t, but it still scares the hell out of me, which is why I keep my distance from all the swans, ostriches, and flamingos running around.  But that’s not the worst of it.  This challenge contains the most dangerous animal of them all.

Because no one ever suspects . . . the butterfly!

A. 鸵鸟 B. 火烈鸟 C. 蝴蝶 D. 大熊猫 E. 天鹅 F. 大猩猩 G. 鲨鱼

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  1. Shirley Says:

    Looks like everybody is in a vacation mode, but faithful Shirley will carry on! I want to do this before W.W. and L.A.,(not to be confused with a certain California city with the same initials) take off.

    A. Panda. I admit A. is not exactly cute. It comes closer than any other, and Pandas have an excess of cuteness. SO.

    B. Flamingo. “Flamingo, like a flame in the night……”. I’m the only one of us ancient enough to remember that old song. but trust me, there was one. B. is light and airy sort of looks like it could maybe smolder a little.

    C. the brutal, terrifying Butterfly. C is the scariest of the words by far.

    D. Gorilla. See those hairy arms reaching out to squeeze the life out of us!

    E. Ostrich. Upside down, he would be burying his face in the sand and can’t see the danger lurking alongside of him. Seems counterintuitive, but I never did think they were all that bright.

    F. Shark,or Card Shark. That’s what W.W. really meant, and we know how devious that pair can be! He is flexing his arms, getting ready to deal those 2 packs of cards next to him.

    G. Swan. The understated elegance of this word can only be to describe the lovely, elegant swan. I think it is the rarely seen black swan. We are lucky to be able to see it.

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