This Day in History Entry #206

January 16th, 2013 by Wordsman

“Yes, I know any rose smells the same
But ‘Octavian’? That’s pretty lame
If I’m going to rule
I need something that’s cool
Can’t you give me a fancy new name?”

Event: Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus is given the name Augustus, which later becomes representative of the Roman emperor
Year: 27 BC
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  1. A(nother) Fan Says:

    Have you ever seen “I, Claudius”?

    A great British miniseries of the 1970’s, and Brian Blessed as Augustus is one of the highlights.

    For that matter, have you ever read “I, Claudius”?

  2. Wordsman Says:

    Yes to both. It is, of course, entirely your fault.

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