This Day in History Entry #262

February 12th, 2014 by Wordsman

Some things really are best set in stone
Or in steel, which we shall not bemoan
See the shining arch crest
Whence a nation looked west
And the god on his marble-wrought throne

Events: First stone of the Lincoln Memorial is laid; construction begins on the Gateway Arch
Years: 1914, 1963
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  1. A Fan Says:

    Probably my two favorite monuments. Lincoln’s is visually stunning, plus it has great content.

    The Arch is so pure-looking, so mathematical. I’ve always loved the first sight of it as we drive into St. Louis from Illinois.

  2. TheomanZero Says:

    This is just a test comment.

  3. shirley Says:

    This, too, is just a test

  4. shirley Says:

    This, too, is a test

  5. shirley Says:

    There is an explanation for all this, but I don’t know what is.
    I do have a comment in your next offering, but my computer says there is no message and no reply. Check it out.
    Par for the course for me. Weird.

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