This Day in History Entry #290

August 27th, 2014 by Wordsman

Through the wilds to Castlebar take
Humbert’s boys beat the pants off of Lake
To the races they flew
And though ’twas quite a coup
One win’d not a free Ireland make

Event: Combined Irish and French forces defeat the British in the Battle of Castlebar
Year: 1798
Learn more: Battle of Castlebar
Irish Rebellion of 1798

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  1. A Fan Says:

    Been there, but it was hard to find many traces of the Races. Ballinamuck is where you want to go to get a feel for the history of “The Year of the French.”

  2. Wordsman Says:

    Trying to rhyme with Ballinamuck seemed risky.

  3. A Fan Says:

    “Call in a duck”?

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