This Day in History Entry #305

December 10th, 2014 by Wordsman

Though it’s never worked quite right for time
Other measures it handles sublime
And its flag has unfurled
Over most of the world
That some mock it is truly a crime

Event: France adopts the metric system as its official system of measurement
Year: 1799
Learn more: Metric system

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  1. A Fan Says:

    In the 1970’s, some baseball stadiums had the outfield distances shown in both feet and meters, but I ask you, is a 125 meter homer run even really a home run?

  2. A Fan Says:

    On the other hand, I guess we should be grateful for the “Royale with cheese” sequence from “Pulp Fiction.”

  3. Wordsman Says:

    Some might even argue that the very reason why soccer is more boring than football is because their stadiums are measured in meters rather than yards. Not me, though. I would never suggest something like that.

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